Weight Training is Important for Weight Loss but the
Type of Weight Training is even More Important!

WEIGHT LOSS TIP: If you have read through this list of tips then you should already know how important weight training is for losing weight because of the positive effect it has upon increasing your metabolism. But you should also learn that there are different types of weight training and some types have a much greater effect upon burning fat and increasing metabolism than others. First there are the exercises themselves. For maximum fat burning and metabolism boosting you want to perform weight lifting exercises that will involve the most muscle mass. Squats or lunges are excellent choices because they involve more muscle than just about any other type of weight lifting exercise which causes more of a need for energy from calories during the lift and stimulates greater muscle growth leading to higher metabolism all the time. Another essential part of weight training are the repetitions performed and the number of sets for each exercise. Research has shown that higher repetition sets in the range of 8-12 for 3-5 sets are superior for both burning more calories and for also increasing muscle size and is referred to in exercise science lingo as the hypertrophy phase of weight training. So if you are interested in losing weight, building some muscle and having a fantastic body while also improving your overall health then start doing some weight lifting exercises like squats and perform 8 to 12 repetitions for 2 to 5 sets and you will quickly begin to notice how your body transforms for the better.

weight training for weightloss with squats

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