Weight Loss Scientific Principles are
Important to Understand for Real Success!

WEIGHT LOSS TIP: You body is governed by the laws of nature just like everything else in the world so if you want to have real success in losing weight then you better learn how your body works and understand the basic scientific principles that relate to weight loss The most important scientific principle relating to weight loss is that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but only transferred. The food that you eat contains energy which is transferred to your body whenever you eat a meal and is either immediately used for fuel or stored in the body to be used at a later time for fuel. The reason people gain weight is because they take in more energy than immediately required by the body which will store any surplus for future usage. Conversely, if you want to lose weight then you MUST take in fewer calories than required by your body every day for fuel so that your body is forced to use the stored energy on your body for fuel. This is commonly referred to as a Negative Caloric Balance and is the ONLY way anyone ever loses weight. It does not matter what kind of exercise program or diet you use for weight loss if you are not able to achieve a negative caloric balance then you are not going to ever lose any weight. A simpler way to say it is that you must burn a greater amount of calories for energy every day than the amount of calories you ingest each day from food or you will never lose any weight. This is how the body works and nothing anyone says or does is going to change this fact so if you want to actually lose weight then make sure that whatever you are doing for weight loss is consistent with this scientific principle.

Use Scientific Principles to Lose Weight and Build a Great Body

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