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Weight Loss by Performing Higher Repetition Sets!

WEIGHT LOSS TIP: If you are doing some weight training to help with weight loss then you have made a good choice but make sure you get the most out of your weight training in terms of weight loss by performing the optimum amount of repetitions and sets. Research in exercise science has shown that higher repetition sets of 12 will cause a greater increase in muscle size and a greater decrease in body fat than any other repetition scheme.1 The research also showed that higher high rep sets of 8 to 12 should be combined with a higher number of sets from 3 to 10 to achieve the best results for muscle growth and fat loss. The reason that 12 repetitions is optimum for weight loss is because higher repetitions will burn more calories during the performance of the exercise which leads to lower body fat percentage. Performing more than 12 repetition sets will lead to greater body fat reductions however more than 12 repetitions will also result in less muscle mass which ultimately leads to lower metabolism. On the other hand, sets with less than 12 repetitions will cause greater increases in muscle mass however there is not as much of decrease in body fat percentage as with higher repetition sets. The point where you achieve the greatest amount of muscle mass along with the greatest decrease in body fat percentage was found to be at 12 repetitions. Start incorporating this into your workouts to achieve the best results for weight loss and of course implement your repetition schemes into a well designed exercise programs that incorporates other principles of exercise science like variation to achieve the best results.

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1Stone MH, O'Bryant H, Garhammer J. "A hypothetical model for strength training." J Sports Med Phys Fitness. 1981 Dec;21(4):342-51.

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