Weight Training with Free Weights is the
Best Way to Exercise for Weight Loss!

WEIGHT LOSS TIP: If you want to get the most out of exercising for weight loss then do some weight training but if you want to get the most out of weight training for weight loss then use free weights as much as possible. Donít be fooled by all the fancy machines that you see in most gyms. Just because they look more technologically advanced does not mean that they will give you greater gains and when it comes to losing weight plain old free weights are vastly superior. The reason free weights are superior relates to what you must achieve from weight training to promote weight loss. You will get the most out of exercise for weight loss by involving the greatest amount of muscle as possible which causes your body to burn more calories and fat during the performance of the exercise as well as causes your body to develop a greater amount of new muscle ultimately increasing metabolism. Free weight exercises involve the greatest amount of muscle because of the demands of supporting the weight throughout the full range of movement. With machines you only utilize the muscle specifically targeted by whatever machine you happen to be using at the time in a very limited way. Free weight exercises like squats are also complex exercises involving multiple muscle groups during the performance of the lift which is a great advantage over machines and more fully helps you achieve the goal of involving as much muscle as possible. When it comes to exercising for weight loss there is no question that free weights will help more than anything else so try to incorporate them into your exercise routine as much as possible.

Lift weights to lose weight

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