Learn and Understand that Your Energy Balance
is the Real Key to Weight Loss!

WEIGHT LOSS TIP: Regardless of what type of diet you use or what type of exercise you perform or supplement you take it all boils down to your energy balance and whether or not you are able to burn more calories than you ingest each day. This is what the term “energy balance” means in terms of weight loss and whatever you do to lose weight must cause your body’s energy balance to alter so that you burn more calories than the total number of calories you eat each day. On the surface the solution seems pretty simple to just restrict the amount of calories you eat so as to have an energy balance that is negative however your body will quickly adjust to a diet containing lower calories and your energy balance will remain neutral. What you must figure out in order to lose weight is how to get your body to maintain a negative energy balance all the time so that you lose weight. Of course if it was so easy to obtain a negative energy balance every day then you probably would not need to be reading this list of weight loss tips but there are real answers based upon real scientific principles that will help you to obtain an energy balance that is negative. The key is to understand that whatever you do to lose weight MUST produce this response by your body. Start evaluating your diet, exercise program and supplement regimen in terms of how it will ultimately affect your energy balance to make it negative and you will make much better choices in how you go about trying to lose weight.

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