Do Not Eliminate Carbohydrates from Your Diet
When You are Trying to Lose Weight!

WEIGHT LOSS TIP: Carbohydrates receive so much criticism in terms of weight loss that people are led to believe that nothing positive can ever come from eating them however this is far from true. Carbs are actually extremely important to your body’s ability to produce energy because they contain glycogen which is your body’s preferred energy source. The reason that some people eliminate carbohydrates from their diets is because without carbohydrates your body is forced to have to burn more fat for energy however your body will also break down muscle to use for fuel which will ultimately slow down your metabolism causing you to actually burn fewer calories in the long run. If you eliminate carbohydrates from your diet you will also suffer a huge decrease in performance during your workouts which will diminish the positive benefits of exercise that help with weight loss. The best approach is to manage the amount of carbohydrates that you eat so that you provide your body with all the fuel that it needs without eating an excess amount that will be stored as fat. You can usually tell when you reduce your carbohydrate intake to much because you will feel tired and lethargic which is a good signal that you need to eat more carbohydrates. By eating the right amount of carbohydrates you will actually help yourself to lose weight by helping to fuel your workouts to burn more fat and increase metabolism so learn to eat carbohydrates the right way and do not foolishly eliminate them from your diet or your will counteract you weight loss efforts.

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