Avoid Extremes in Diet or Exercise When Trying to
Lose Weight as They Are Counterproductive!

WEIGHT LOSS TIP: Some people just seem to gravitate toward extremes but when it comes to losing weight extremes should be avoided as they are counterproductive and can even be harmful to your health. For instance, some people mistakenly believe that if they just stop eating and starve themselves that this is the way to lose weight. Initially they will lose weight but the sudden drastic reduction in caloric intake will cause the body to revert to survival mode slowing metabolism and causing more of the food that is eaten to be stored as fat. When they eventually return to their previous normal level of eating then they actually end up gaining weight because of how they slowed their metabolism. Unfortunately when some people go through such an experience they become even more desperate to lose weight which can lead to serious eating disorders like bulimia or anorexia which not only do not help you to successfully lose weight but will ultimately destroy your health and your body. Even exercising too much can be detrimental to successfully losing weight as exceedingly long periods of exercise can put too much stress on the body and cause excessive amounts of cortisol to be released which will eat away muscle and slow metabolism. The best approach to losing weight is to make smart gradual changes in how you eat and exercise that lead to a healthier overall lifestyle that you live out every day which will ultimately have a cumulative effect toward weight loss that will make a huge difference in how you look and feel for the better.

Use Scientific Principles to Lose Weight and Build a Great Body

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