Stop Drinking Diet Soda Beverages
Because they Do Not Help You Lose Weight!

WEIGHT LOSS TIP: If you are one of the millions of people who drink diet sodas believing they will help you to lose weight then stop drinking such beverages because they not only will not help you to lose weight but may actually cause the exact opposite effect of what they claim and cause you to gain weight and have a larger waist. In a recent research study presented in 2011 at a meeting of the American Diabetes Association(ADA) by Epidemiologists from the School of Medicine at The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio (Source: San Antonio Express-News) it was shown that people who drink diet sodas actually have much larger waist sizes(an average of 70% larger) than people who do not drink diet sodas. In a second study presented at the same meeting about artificial sweeteners contained in products like diet sodas it was speculated that the negative impact upon blood sugar levels by artificial sweeteners like aspartame is the probable reason for increased waist sizes and weight gain in people that regularly consume diet soda beverages. The first study was conducted over ten years and involved 474 people and the researchers themselves said that there was a “dramatic difference” between the people who drank diet sodas compared to those who did not. The message here is very clear, diet soda beverages are a complete scam in terms of helping people to lose weight and you should avoid them like the plaque if you want achieve real weight loss results.

Diet Soda will Make You FAT!

Diet Soda will make you FAT!

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